Academic Services

Thomas Spencer, Associate Superintendent of Academic Services

Assistant Superintendent,
Academic Services


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Administrative Asst. to Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services


The DeSoto County School District Academic Services department consists of an exceptional group of professionals committed to providing continued support to teachers, students and parents.  One of the goals of Academic Services is a shared responsibility with principals, teachers, and parents that works to provide an enriched and rewarding learning experience for all students.

Academic Services consists of academic programs that include Research and Accountability, Special Education, Federal Programs, Mental Health, English Learners and Curriculum.  Personnel from these departments work closely with students and parents to provide the necessary assistance, resources and training opportunities designed to support student achievement and enhance teacher performance.

Please feel free to contact us regarding questions you may have.  For contact information, please click the "Academic Services Team" link underneath this message.  We wish you much success this school year!

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