BIB Background Check Information

DeSoto County Schools has partnered with BIB

(Background Investigation Bureau)


Effective February 1, 2019
Secure Volunteer


On-line Background Checks


Keeping students and personnel safe is our main priority. Secure Volunteer is a web-based application that will allow chaperones, volunteers and vendors who require a background check to input their information and sign any required forms with just one click of a button. BIB has developed Secure Volunteer to make this process simple.  


Benefits of using BIB:


·      Less Expensive


·      More Convenient


·      Less Paperwork


·      BIB Client Service Support


·      Only $ 29.95


Beginning July 1, 2019, all chaperones, volunteers and vendors that have not been processed through BIB will be required to apply online at the BIB website at 

You may access the widget through the DeSoto County Schools website.  If you have a current background check on file with DeSoto County Schools, your background check will be valid until July 1, 2019. Background checks processed by BIB are valid for two (2) years.  Reminder: Background checks for chaperones are required only for overnight school sponsored field trips.  

Secure Volunteer Technology Key Features
Highest Quality Background Screens
Optional Volunteer Pay Module
Electronic Signatures
Auto Notifications via Email
BIB Client Services Support: